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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many lessons will I need?

A. Everyone learns at a different rate and some people will be ready for the test sooner than others. The practical test is designed to be passed by a person after 120 hours of supervised driving, but that doesn’t mean 120 hours with me! Your driving supervisor needs to have held a full NZ driver licence for more than 2 years. They can be a parent, other family member or friend. Included in that 120 hours should be around 6-10 hours of professional instruction.

Q. When can I start learning?

A. You must be at least 16 years of age and hold a Learner Licence. Your licence must be carried during all sessions and that is something I will check before we begin.

Q. Can I use my own car?

A. Yes and it must be in a roadworthy condition. My car has a manual gearbox so if you driver an automatic we will use your car.

Q. Can I use your car for my test?

A. Yes. If you have trained with me then I will allow you to use my car for the test but a fee will apply.

Q. How do I book a training session?

A. You can submit your details on our booking enquiry form or simply phone me on (03) 5473818 and leave your details.

Q. What will it cost?

Competitively priced, call me for my latest prices. I charge per session, not per hour and I offer special rates for Murchison or Golden Bay clients. I also offer discounted package deals. Gift vouchers available on request.

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